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penguin of the week

Hi every Sat. ill post a cool penguin I will look on Frozen and hibernate so please be around I am searching now ok.

And the penguin of the week is…





1. carkeys9 - February 18, 2008

lol wat?

2. Ephrem - February 23, 2008

i met you last week

3. Ephrem - March 5, 2008

when you put someone make sure you can see their buttons

4. ben166 - March 5, 2008

why should i do that do u wanna see my buddies

5. Ephrem - March 6, 2008

oh well… nevermind

6. ben166 - March 9, 2008


7. katie91796 - March 15, 2008

cool blog

8. warioman96 - March 21, 2008

hey ben i hope its me thats the penguin of the week

9. ben166 - March 21, 2008

maybe i have to see u though

10. Cpdude43 - March 22, 2008

Hey Ben awsome site (lol u already know i think its awsome). Uhhh PIE PWNZ (its awsome)
*Waddle It Up*

11. Ephrem - May 26, 2008

warioman96 is 68 days ago

12. 68da - June 30, 2008


13. gyra - September 27, 2008

I know Dannion!

14. slimball2007 - October 5, 2008

Nice site!
I started a widget site like 3 monthes ago, but I’m not doing good at all on hits! I finally reached 40,000 hits, but since now one sees it that much anymore, I cant get a party! 😦
My cp site used to get 200 hits a day, now it’s 25~50. 😦
PLease allow me to use my URL on this comment.
Thank you!
Links are:

Widgets= http://Www.slimball2007cp.webs.com/

Cp= http://Www.slimball.wordpress.com/

Ps. Use my widgets! 😀

15. Hii Fox AKA Gisselepink - December 20, 2008

i miss u guy! im gisselepink! its me! your old buddy but i got bann forever! please now! im hii fox now! if u want to met me again post on my site!

16. Tinytoon754 - February 8, 2009

Dannion is my buddy and u used to be my buddy. I am always on hibernate lookin awesome.



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