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about me

I am ben i go on cp at hibernate blizzard and mammonth. I wear newer stuff but always an i patch ALWAYS. iI am a good friend with Snow949 and Crazy4Cheez. U can also find me at the dock.I can not live without cp it is awsome.


1. Genizah - January 10, 2008

Hi Ben, I love yor heading. I found your cp page in Hebrew, I guess everyone loves cp. Have a Happy New Year.
Genizah (gigi)

2. big ben - January 14, 2008

whats up homie? your page is cool i want to be just like you when i get older! HILL………

3. bibomedia.com - March 7, 2008


4. pinkisrad - March 29, 2008

how old r u

5. gyra - September 27, 2008

Hi buddy!

6. ulti06 - December 18, 2008

hey ben remember me i won’t be on cpt because i was banned because of too much double posting until 19/1/2029 lol i’m not kidding so see ya in 21 years

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