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me and dannion party. June 9, 2008

Posted by ben166 in Uncategorized.

This is a party invotation for me and dannions party. Its our first party.

We will be having a big contest. We  will chose the 3  penguins in the coolest outfit.(best summer outfits will win)And they will be added to me and dannions buddy list. And we will then ramdomly chose a penguin and they will be added to my blogroll for 2 weeks. And the 4 best penguins me and dannion chose will be feautured on this site. Along with a paragraph about them. And they will be our buddys. The party time is in eastern time.




1. ~68 Days Ago~ - June 30, 2008

looks like your gonna need a little help on this site so thats why i will help you

2. Hii Fox AKA Gisselepink - December 20, 2008

Do you rember me ben and dannion? Im now Hii Fox(a member) but my other member penguin was Gisselepink, Both u, me, and dannion would hang out and we were buds. Gisselepink is now ban forever but if u want to meet me on club penguin comment at freewebs.com/awsome955 ok? plz 1 of u should remember me!!!

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